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Story Slam grateful for your support

We have had 5 amazing Story Slams and so far so good. The story tellers and audience members have returned and are sharing some quality, amazing stories. Thank you.

We had Slam Off from 2020 take place in June, with 7 of the 9 competitors able to join us. That was amazing in itself as we know how things can shift in two years. Liam Leroux, a long time story teller, won the championship and we are so thrilled this compelling story teller won the cup.

We also made a matching donation to Shades of Colour, a charitable organization that is a space founded by and for members of the community for ATIBPOCs (queer and trans, Indigenous, Black, and people of colour). They provide ongoing support for individuals who are seeking community and or struggling with their identities.

We are grateful to ON Spec for partnering with us for July. We are looking forward to a regular non themed Story Slam for Aug. Take a break from fringe and join us for Story Slam!

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